We Are MadSkye.

Poss-ibility Is What You Want.  Direct-ability is What You Need.
Like-ability is What You Will Achieve.

MadSkye Advertising is a full-service Advertising Agency based in the New York Metro, with Production Studios in Miami and California, to service our clients nationwide.

Whether it’s a television shoot, print advertisement, or even just being a listening ear to our clients, MadSkye Advertising has over 40 years of experience in the advertising and marketing world. We are well positioned within various industries including AUTOMOTIVE, RETAIL, REAL ESTATE and HOSPITALITY.





We align your “Point of Difference” and an emotional sell to keep you on top of your consumer’s mind.

Remember the first time you bought a Teddy Bear for your child, your first car, or even your first house? Now remember all the excitement and emotion that went along with it! Can you remember why you purchased it from that toy store, car dealership, or builder? Therein lies your “Point of Difference”.  A consumer needs to know your Point of Difference and why they should prefer your brand over your competitors.


Evaluating qualitative information on consumer’s buying habits and media consumption. In order to achieve Top of Mind awareness, it is important to research and understand the buying and media consumption habits of your consumer.


A media plan that builds equity with your consumer, using a specific creative that focuses on your Point of Difference. Saturate…Integrate…Dominate is the foundation of MadSkye Advertising. An effective strategy is what keeps our clients one step ahead of their competition.


A message that uses your Point of Difference to create success. Brands are created every day, but very few become part of a consumer’s inner circle. A brand is not only something that you build, it’s also something that you become.


Leverage your website by driving traffic through SEM, SEO, Video SEO, Site Retargeting and Search Retargeting. Anyone can drive traffic to a website, but we drive qualified traffic. Looking to be on Top of Mind, then make sure you are buying Pre-Roll Videos. Need an animated video for a viral campaign? We’ve got that too.


Building a brand using creative to develop a strategy based on research to achieve like-ability. In order to achieve like-ability your marketing plan must include creative that supports a media strategy.


Aligning your Point of Difference and an emotional sell to keep you on top of your consumer’s mind. Creativity is what makes you stand out from everyone else.


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We at MadSkye Advertising are a group of young creative types that love to sell. We work very closely with our clients and are on a first name basis. Attention to detail with a personal touch would be the best way to describe our team. For more information and an exciting presentation, please contact us today.

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